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Our Las Vegas House YOUR Home Away From Home

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You will never leave our house….

To start with, let me just tell you that there is something about our kitchen.

Turn on the oven, light the burners and the magic begins….

People start to gather, a wine bottle or two is opened, great conversations are started and before you know it, everyone if chopping food and cooking amazing things on the Viking burners and storing them in the warmer for a sit down meal with hot food ….

Soon you discover hours have passed and the afternoon turns into the evening and you all will slip from the kitchen into the spa, continuing the great conversation and laughs well into the night.

And this is just how it gets started….

Suddenly, the coffee starts to brew in the morning (someone prep’d it the night before and set the timer)… and the migration back into the kitchen begins again, this time in pajamas.

Others migrate into the pool… dipping their toes in the water and planning the day.

And then you get sucked in again… swimming in the pool with the music on or enjoying breakfast with some Good Morning America on the outdoor TV… the morning blends into the afternoon and the spa gets turned on again.

Between swimming and catching a little nap on the outdoor couch (or snuggled inside to a good movie)…