Fees … they keep comin’ and comin’

2014 money photo

There are many reasons to look for a home to stay in rather than a hotel room. There is always more space.

The kitchen is wonderful to use. The extra rooms and bed make it great for others to stay with you. The pool! Your own private pool! The peace and quiet of coming in and out of a house rather than a lobby, going up the elevator, etc.

But it seems there is another reason – and it is getting to be a big problem in Vegas. The Fees.

The travel fees, booking fees, taxes – it goes on and on and on.

We work hard to limit our fees. We only pass on the cost of the cleaning. Other than that – what you see is what you get! Please most of the time, the kitchen is pretty well stocked and amazing meals are ready for you to make (or contact Chef Lisa, http://www.thechefandyou.com/, and have her come over and set you up with some great food!).

You can use the money you saved in taxes, fees and the like and enjoy a great dinner on the verandah!

If you want to read money about the high costs: http://www.reviewjournal.com/business/tourism/what-happens-vegas-may-come-extra-fee.

We think it’ll make you look twice and staying with us!