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Free Las Vegas Travel Guide – Priceless!

What is better than having an awesome guide to share with future guests???

I have to say …. It is nice to have something to share with people when they ask about Vegas and what to do.

Most people want to know what is close to us and what we recommend…. And I love to have a little something to send to them.

I always did – I listened to Matt earlier on and wrote a little something up (including the map with all the close Starbucks…) but now my guests scream with joy at the INSIDER’S GUIDE Andrew helped me put together.

This piece of art is “WOWing” my guests. But is that it? Does it stop there?


Now I am getting photos of them enjoying not only my house … but of them actually doing the things I told them about!

Now I am getting photos of them enjoying not only my house … but of them actually doing the things I told them about!


They write me and tell me they email it all around and that they are reading every word! Huh?! Who knew …

And then the photos! I am getting tons of photos of these adventures… of the wonderful guests from Canada that visit every year (the awesome Arbonne team) that got up at 5 am to see the sunrise at the Valley of Fire!

Hearing about the adventures has been lovely and seeing them enjoying their trip – awesome!

Here is a photo of the lake and the awesome day they had!

We also hear about our guests biking the trails and kayaking!

I just could not believe it.

SO what is better than having the guide? Seeing our new friends doing the things we suggested and loving every moment of it!

It has been truly a gift to share and hear about from so many people. I did not realize how much this project would help those coming to stay with us! Please take the time to call Andrew and do this!

Wait until you see the photos!

Las Vegas Restaurants

6 Cheap (But Delicious) Las Vegas Restaurants


Wonderful Places to eat that will not cost you an arm and a leg…


Sometime you are just hungry, do not feel like cooking and need a quick, cheap place to eat. We get it (with 4 kids… we definitely get it!!)…. So here are some great ideas:

1, Bachi Burger. 470 E. Windmill Lane, #100, Las Vegas, NV. 702 24 2244 – great hamburgers, made to order, and truly yummy!


2. Pin Kaow. 9530 S. Eastern, #100, Las Vegas, NV – . 702 407 1188.  We are absolutely addicted to     Thai food and this one tops the charts. The curry chicken calls our names way too often!


3. Pho Saigon 8. 9055 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV – 702 629 3100.  Everything here is fresh, cheap and they provide you with huge portions.


4. The Bootlegger. 7700 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas – 702 736 4939. Be careful with this one … the dinners can get expensive, but if you just order the amazing pasta and a meatball, you will have one huge dinner that will last and last and last and will make you feel like you are at your Italian grandmother’s kitchen!


5.  Roberto’s Taco Shop. 9155 Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 304, Las Vegas, NV. 702 837 6262. This is it. True Mexican Food.  Wonderfully priced and way too easy to eat! This is great for a late night run after a show or night on the town!


6. Tropical Smoothie Café. 7580 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV –


This location is the closest one to us, but there are many in Las Vegas and Henderson. If you see one – STOP!


The smoothies are real (they do not taste like puffy mix). The salads and wraps are fresh and lovely.

You cannot go wrong with grabbing a few things from here and heading out to a picnic somewhere beautiful! This is a must get!

13 Things To Do In Las Vegas On & Off The Strip

We have a few things on our DO NOT MISS list …

1. The rollercoaster at the NY NY hotel.

Drive over to Mandalay Bay (preferably in the early evening) – hop on the tram to Excalibur and walk across the path to the NY NY.

Spend a little cash and get a great ride with a great view (yes, sometimes upside down) and scream a lot!

It is a blast.

Head on down to the Irish pub or sport bar after for a cold one and some snacks. This is a great way to introduce yourself to Vegas.


If the NY NY sounds like fun – take this idea over the top with a trip to the Stratosphere and ride the BIG SHOT.

3. See old Vegas – via the zip line!

Head over to the Fremont Experience and get to know old Vegas. Take a moment and hook onto the zip line and see it from above. This will leave you smiling.

4. Head on over to the Golden Nugget.

Check out the pool with a water slide through the shark tank (yes, I said SHARK). You will want to ride it!

5. Walk into the Bellagio.

See the garden, have breakfast for dinner at the café (ask for a table that overlooks the flowers) and then walk outside and watch the fountains dance to the music. It is completely over the top and wonderful!

6. Head to Paris!

You should always walk across the street and head up the Eiffel Tower for a glass of wine and watch the dancing fountains again and again (they go off every 20 minutes or so).
7. Leave VegasYes Really!

Head out off the Strip area. Pick a place … Red Rock is close and so unique (picnic and hiking anyone?). Rent a boat on Lake Mead for a few  hours.

8. See the Valley of Fire.

The Valley of Fire is a bit further by car, but quite lovely to walk around and see the old markings and beautiful scenery.

9. Escape to Lake Mead.

The lake has so much to see and so much history. Experience the tour at Hoover Dam, it’s so interesting – something you will not forget (stop by the Dairy Queen on your way home in Boulder City and grab an ice cream).

10. Death Valley … it is not that far away!

You could head to Death Valley (especially in the spring when the desert flowers start to bloom).  It is also a great place to experience intense heat – we have found this is interesting to some!

11. The view from afar.

There are a few places with great views back at the Strip – such as the M Hotel and Casino (they also have a great pool and tons of fun events outside– check their calendar).

12. We also suggest dining at Lindo Michoacan in Henderson.

They have great Mexican food and one amazing view! It is located at 645 Carnegie Street, Henderson, NV. Call them at 702 837 6828.

13. When all else fails – ZIP somewhere!

If you are up for an adventure – please head out to zip line or kayak at the river. Our insider’s guide will give you all the details. Make this an entire day away and become one with nature in a very special way!