Cheap but amazing places to eat by the Villa

Wonderful Places to Eat that Won't Cost You an Arm and a Leg!

Sometime you are just hungry, do not feel like cooking and need a quick, cheap place to eat. We get it (with four kids… we definitely get it!!)…. So here are some great ideas! Enjoy! 

(1) Pin Kaow. 9530 S. Eastern, #100, Las Vegas, NV – . 702 407 1188. We are absolutely addicted to Thai food and this one tops the charts. The curry chicken calls our names way too often!

(2) Roberto’s Taco Shop. 9155 Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 304, Las Vegas, NV. 702 837 6262. This is it. True Mexican Food. Wonderfully priced and way too easy to eat! This is great for a late night run after a show or night on the town!

(3) The Bootlegger. 7700 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas – 702 736 4939. Be careful with this one … the dinners can get expensive, but if you just order the amazing pasta and a meatball, you will have one huge dinner that will last and last and last and will make you feel like you are at your Italian grandmother’s kitchen! (If you want to really eat well… get the house pizza! Addictive!)

Tropical Smoothie Café. 7580 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV –

This location is the closest one to us, but there are many in Las Vegas and Henderson. If you see one – STOP! The smoothies are real (they do not taste like puffy mix). The salads and wraps are fresh and lovely. You cannot go wrong with grabbing a few things from here and heading out to a picnic somewhere beautiful! This is a must get!

We would love to hear from you – what places did you find that would make this list?  We are always looking to add a good find to share with the world!  Let us know! 

You will never leave the house ….

You will never leave our house….
To start with, let me just tell you that there is something about our kitchen. Turn on the oven, light the burners and the magic begins…. People start to gather, the corking of wine bottle or two will happen, and you begin to hear laughing and chatting as great conversations are started. Before you know it, everyone is chopping food, adding spices to the pans and amazing things begin to cook on the Viking burners. Once each item is cooked, you’ll store them in the warmer until everything is ready and you can enjoy a sit down meal with hot food!

Soon you discover hours have passed and the late afternoon has turned into the evening and you all will slip from the kitchen into the spa, continuing the great conversation and laughs well into the night while the firepit creates such a beautiful ambience, you never want the evening to end! Sooner or later though, you do roll into your beautiful bed and fall into a wonderful slumber.

And this is just how it gets started…. Suddenly, the coffee starts to brew in the morning (someone prep’d it the night before and set the timer)… and the migration back into the kitchen begins again, this time in pajamas. Others migrate into the pool… sinking their toes in the water and planning the day. And suddenly, you get sucked in again… swimming in the pool with the music on, enjoying breakfast with some Good Morning America on the outdoor TV and champagne… the morning blends into the afternoon and the spa gets turned on again. Between swimming and catching a little nap on the outdoor couch (or snuggled inside to a good movie)… you never leave the Villa and the days pass.

It is then that you realize that you have to return to Vegas and book the house again, because you did want to see that show and you guess it will just have to be next time!

Plan a summer trip now and escape for a moment!

Winter is upon us.

The rainy, the chilly windstorms, the snow and the warm fireplaces.
The thrill of the change in the weather is nice, but for me it lasts for about a week, maybe two!

And then I start dreaming of the hot sun, a lounge chair in the pool and a cool, tropical drink! What about you?


Start thinking about your summer!
You can relax at our place – head to work out and enjoy the pool at Lifetime Fitness (guest pass is only $30 and the place is amazing).

Take a break from the heat and head over to stroll amongst the flowers at the Bellagio. Stop at the cafe for a lovely meal and enjoy the cool area and interesting people!