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 The heartbeat from the happening city of Las Vegas, can be felt from all around the world, can you feel it? Our Las Vegas villa is just moments away from the main artery pumping with casinos, clubs, bars, exhilarating thrills and world renowned venues.

Our Favorites:

Caesars Palace

Caesars takes our top pick for the overall casino experience. Although it can be a little more spendy, we think it’s worth it, whether you’re going strictly for gambling, or for all its other amenities including a mall, pool, spa, and gym.

XS Nightclub

Looking to head out for the night and experience the famous Las Vegas clubs? Out top pick has to go to XS Nightclub. This venue was named the number one nightclub in the United States by Nightclub & Bar Top 100 for five consecutive years, and has continued to win awards and international recognition.

The Strat Thrill Rides

Ready for the ultimate thrill? Head up the Stratosphere and get dangled, spun, and dropped from the highest Casino in the City. Still not enough? Well, then buy the bungee jump package instead, and jump off of the building!

The Neon Museum

Time travel back in time to the lights of yesterday’s Vegas casinos. This exhibit offers guided tours of old neon signs and marquees from casinos and other businesses long departed.

Sin City Smash

Take out your aggression from losing that slot machine with Sin City Smash! Here you can get suited up, grab your sledgehammer, and wreck havoc to dishes, computers, bottles, and other fun stuff to break!

Fremont Street Experience

The revived retro district of Downtown Las Vegas has had some major changes in the past few years, and it has become one of the most exciting places to check out! Here you can find live entertainment, budget-friendly eats, zip lining, and a quirky container park shopping center.